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The Forgotten 8th Legion is a tight knit active gaming guild that caters to people all around the world who primarily play games between 12pm GMT 0 and 6pm GMT 0 (Oceanic/Asia GMT+8 Primetime). We currently have members from Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, The Philippines, and the United States. We are looking for mature players, and by this we mean demeanour not age, and people who can be magnanimous whether they win or lose. You should like to have fun, but also be willing to maintain some structure in the games you play as well.

The Forgotten 8th Legion does not require exclusivity; you are free to be part of any other unit or guild that you wish so long as you maintain a minimum amount of activity with the Forgotten 8th Legion. Anybody that isn’t an active member is able to play games with us so long as we have the space available and they are aware of the basic rules, i.e. if you have friends who haven’t joined yet and wish to play.

As a Legionnaire we realise that when you play a game it is your leisure time, and we don’t wish to impose many restrictions on the way that you spend that time. We are not a military based unit with a strict hierarchy and chain of command, merely a few basic levels to differentiate loyalty which is based on time and activity spent with the guild. 

The primary focus when playing with the Forgotten 8th Legion will be fun, but we also plan on playing with some basic structure in the games that you play with us.

In the Forgotten 8th Legion, we are not beyond mild “trolling” and “smack talk” so long as it is not in breach of the rules set out in The Codex and does not cross the line into the offensive. As a mature gamer you should know the difference. If you do partake in the above you must still show basic respect to all units or guilds and players you encounter on the battlefield.

F8L are the indigenous intelligent beings of New Home. 
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18 hours ago [F8L] 4Dboy
Hi my dear friends,

Sorry it'd been a while since i'm here ... finally got some spare time lol

anyone still on MWO??
11 hours ago [F8L] tekadept with paul george Remove Tag
Welcome Paul George
19 hours ago paul george just joined our community, welcome!
4 days ago [F8L] Ken Oath created a new topic Star Citizen 3.0 (Lite?) End of June (Soon™)
The last 3 or so  ATV's have had me excited to see some progress (namely the Lev...
4 days ago [F8L] tekadept
Got a new S8 today.. now to learn how to use an android....
3 days ago [F8L] tekadept replied to the topic Star Citizen 3.0 (Lite?) End of June (Soon™)
So ken any idea on how long until this game is playable as envsioned as a tradin...
10th Feb [F8L] tekadept replied to the topic King's 3D animation course.
Dude you should get one of the rust keys if still available i posted , then you...
3 days ago [F8L] Ken Oath replied to the topic Star Citizen 3.0 (Lite?) End of June (Soon™)
Banu ship sale is up.  Nothing to get excited about.. the Defender is much weake...
3 days ago [F8L] Ken Oath
I'll be checking this game out looks interesting.. ... MxA

6 days ago [F8L] tekadept replied to the topic F8L Rust Server Next Wipe 21st of April
The new Map will be this one.. I miss the miilitary tunnels
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